Everything happens on the web. You need someone who can translate your business needs into a technical solution, I'm that guy.

I specialize in Ruby on Rails, but am interested in all technologies and can cross-train to ensure we use the best tool for the job.


A website you can't manage after it's delivered next to useless, when appropriate, websites I build include a Content Management System so you can keep your site up to date, without relying on my time, or needing a maintenance contract.


I've worked on integrations of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. If you're business wants to introduce either, especially if your integration requires working with their APIs, I can help.


If you're not sure what you need, or your project needs a technologist's opinion, I'm happy to consult on best practices, the latest in back-end and front-end development strategies, and how to approach a software problem.


Directing an engineering effort is hard, I can join your team at the director level, implement scrum/agile methodologies, and still get my hands dirty in the code, if necessary. 

Public Speaking

I've delivered conference talks on productivity, website optimization, and social media engagement. Testimonials on request.